Popular Resistance Classrooms Not Computers National Teach-in

Popular Resistance Classrooms Not Computers National Teach-in

Students become products: Student data drives the philanthropic investments of billionaire companies like Goldman Sachs, who “invest” in social programs (SIBs), and use student data to determine success of these programs. Student data is also used to drive the prison industrial complex, the healthcare industry, and make determinations about the global market.

Join us for a one-and-a-half hour in depth discussion about how education corporations are pushing computer-based learning on students and data mining while crowding out classroom-based instruction. Governmental and private interests are pushing for more technology driven solutions to the problems facing our public schools and our students, even though studies show online learning is less effective. In fact, research shows how too much screen time is harmful to children.


In this session we will explore why corporations are interested in public education. Understand how economic policies such as social impact bonds and outcomes-based learning fuel a children-for-profit scheme that benefit multinational corporations. Campaign organizer Morna McDermott and researcher/blogger Alison McDowell will address the questions: When reformers talk about getting rid of the “factory model” of education and replacing it with something that is “personalized,” “twenty-first century,” and “future ready,” what does that actually mean? What is the privatization of schooling? What are the roles of surveillance and socio-economic control over our children’s futures? And, what can we do to fight back?


Introductions (10 mins)

What is the Classrooms Not Computers campaign.

How to sign up. SIGN UP HERE

Power Point by Alison McDowell (30 mins)

What is data mining?

How is it done through public education policies?

Who benefits?


Break out session one:

Social Impact Bonds 101-How Billionaires Profit off the Backs of Children with Alison McDowell
Break out session two:
How Screen Time Hurts Child Development with Morna McDermott



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