Webinar Recording and Campaign Updates 1

Webinar Recording and Campaign Updates


The Classrooms, Not Computers Campaign had an amazing first webinar. Alison McDowell (www.wrenchinthegears) took attendees through a one-and-a-half hour in depth discussion about how education corporations are pushing computer-based learning on students and data mining while crowding out classroom-based instruction. We explored how governmental and private interests are pushing for more technology driven solutions to the problems facing our public schools and our students, even though studies show online learning is less effective. As requested by popular demand, the recorded session is available- LINK CLICK HERE.

The slides/visuals that accompany the audio are available here or you can download them as a pdf here: Popular Resistance Webinar 071918

It’s not too late to get involved or informed.

We have received numerous requests to have continued webinars, so stay tuned so you ever have to miss another webinar, by signing up at https://myaccount.maestroconference.com/conference/register/EPSABDST2VZ3OVVI

Planning in is the works right now for a webinar in August (date TBD) and Sept 11th(topic will be “Building National and Local Efforts to reclaim Our Classrooms and Our Children’s Privacy and Data”. We are looking for active local support from parents, teachers and community members who can help build this campaign from the ground up. Remember: these are our children, our schools, and our communities—they do not belong to global private interests for profits. Let’s work together to stem the tide of Ed Reform 2.0 (corporate colonization).


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  1. Reply Karen Bracken Aug 31,2018 3:25 pm

    The sad part is most parents do not believe this is where we are going and those that do think it is great. They do not understand the end game is to change how future generations think and feel about the world around us(including how they feel about their family too) instead of allowing them to truly develop their own ability to digest facts and make their own decisions. School to work is how Communists educate their children and we need to wake up. Thanks for this awesome presentation. We need solutions and we need them ASAP because this train has been moving down the tracks for many, many decades and is much further along than most understand.

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