Building a Movement, Community by Community


Classrooms, Not Computers has found a new title for its campaign – Stop Corporate Surveillance in Schools: A Movement Supporting People-Powered Classrooms Without Corporate Data Mined Students. Our mission is the same – to build a community-based movement to dismantle the corporate-driven policies and practices in schools that lead to violations of student privacy, surveillance of children and teachers, and corporate profiteering (we call this Education Reform 2.0).

Ed Reform 2.0 proponents are in the process of redesigning public education to:

  • be accessed through digital devices (laptops, tablets, phones)
  • be monitored and surveilled
  • rely on algorithm-driven, adaptive learning management systems (Achieve 3000, i-Ready, Study Island) developed by corporate interests
  • use games and augmented reality experiences to collect behavioral data
  • be assessed increasingly by artificial intelligence
  • have limited face-to-face instruction with human teachers
  • significantly reduce the number of traditionally-certified educators
  • track “growth” as determined by data/metrics to evaluate “returns on investment” (ROI) for venture capital’s  Pay for Success and Social Impact Bond schemes
  • comply with workforce demands, despite the fact that automation makes employment projections uncertain in many industries
  • replace traditional grades with demonstrations of competency for which badges or online credentials are awarded
  • replace diplomas with online portfolios in which “lifelong learning” skills are stored

SCSS will be holding its second webinar on Sept 11th from 8:00-9:00pm est.
Click here to register:

This webinar is designed to 1) provide a brief overview of what Education Reform 2.0 is, and 2) how the SCSS campaign is working to eliminate corporate surveillance, and 3) how teachers, students, parents and members of communities can coordinate locally to be part of the campaign effort. Our two-part strategy is to inform and then to develop sustainable, empowering actions centered on local community agency and control. Listen to our first webinar, where Alison McDowell explains how data mining and corporate profiteering work in schools. Read more of Alison’s research at

Who we are:
Morna McDermott is the SCSS campaign coordinator
Peggy Robertson is the SCSS information and communications coordinator
Michael Ippolito is the technical organizer and outreach
Alison McDowell is the lead researcher
Popular Resistance is the “parent” platform

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