Life on the Block Chain

Life on the Block Chain

A special message from researcher Alison McDowell who puts it all together. How corporate surveillance will be complete once schools are completed “on the ledger.”

These corporations spend billions of dollars lobbying state and federal legislators to revise education practices that will require the purchase of their products and services.


I’ve been working for quite some time to explore the intersection of social impact investing and Blockchain technology. Blockchain is the structure that underlies crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, but also has the capacity to hold transactional records tied to all sorts of other digital assets and information.

There is much discussion these days of privacy and data security. Blockchain seems to be being positioned as an answer to these concerns. The problem is that even if it could be guaranteed to be totally secure and private, the practice of outsourcing public services like education and healthcare to outcomes-based Pay for Success contracts with private providers could end up requiring people with Decentralized Identities on Blockchain to open up their data to access by programs like MITs Endor Protocol, to assess “impact” and payments to global financiers like these guys. So, the data would be private, but all of our human services would still be reduced to data-driven surveillance initiatives (see the current ed-tech takeover).
This post features a follow up video to the one I did last year on Social Impact Bonds. These two systems go together. The IXO Foundation in partnership with UBS Bank in Switzerland are pioneering developments in this field. It links to the rise of “smart” city technologies and 5G / IoT roll out. Much of the impact space revolves around implementing the UN Sustainability Goals of which Education is #4. There was an invitation-only conference on Blockchain “smart” contracts in June where varied international experts were brought in to figure out how to make all of this work:
This is a promo video that IXO has done:
This technology when connected to social impact investing has the potential to create the ultimate “permanent” record for people. While many feel this will be a liberating technology, my sense is that it will be exactly the opposite. We understand all of the problems with Citizens United, right? Now imagine that the corporations no longer have people attached and are running the government via Smart Contracts. See Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs): and
Here is my post:
I also created a PDF of the images with the text for people who might want to review it at their own pace:

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