As the School Year Begins, More Teachers Across The Country Could Soon Strike

As teachers, school employees, and students head back to school, what’s ahead for the #RedforEd movement? This spring, teachers mobilized on an unprecedented scale in West Virginia, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Arizona, North Carolina, and Colorado. They protested, walked out, and even held statewide strikes — in states with limited to no collective bargaining rights, where school unions have traditionally focused on state politics. The springtime actions, led by rank and filers, inspired educators and unionists across the country. It looks like the cusp of a labor upsurge that could spread beyond schools. The mobilizers met with varying degrees of support or resistance from their own state union leaders. The militancy made leaders anxious, but many were also savvy enough to see that the uprisings were effective — and that they’d better not get in the way.

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