News from Tennessee: TNSB 2029

News from Tennessee: TNSB 2029

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The following report comes to is from Karen Bracken in TN. We encourage people in various states to learn from one another what is being and what CAN be done.

A NEW BILL IN TENNESSEE: TNSB 2029 (links to the Bill are available at the bottom of this post)

The bill sponsors and education committee members were told by the TNDOE that if this bill were to be passed it COULD affect federal funding.  Federal funding is the magic buzz word that puts fear in all elected officials in TN.  Although the bill is 11 pages in length the bottom line of the bill was to secure informed written consent of parents before data is collected and/or shared.  Bill sponsors noted they had a minimal definition of “informed” which required the school at minimum to tell parents WHAT data is going to be collected/shared, who will get the data, what is the purpose of them receiving this data, how long will they have this data.  It was our hope that once parents saw all of this information they would not give consent.

Remember: TN (home of Lamar Alexander) is the haven for all this stuff.

Karen got a list of all the 3rd party vendors (or at least those they wanted to share with us). It reads like a whose who of corporate reformers. One of those vendors receiving our students data is an American (Joseph Thiel) at Oxford University in the UK.  Sir Michael Barber (once was the Arne Duncan of the UK and now works with Pearson….also a good friend of David Coleman) and his EDI (Education Delivery Institute) had a contract with TN in 2010 to implement Common Core in our state.  Barber is the creator of a process called Deliverology.  One of the concepts of Deliverology is that when change is implemented it must be implemented so it cannot be reversed.  This is why we are seeing GED, SAT, PISA (international test that was aligned with CC by Pearson), books, assessments etc aligned with Common Core standards.

Karen did an Open Records Request and got all the contracts and MOUs for those that requested and were granted permission to receive data.

She then did an ORR for contracts for SEL grants with CASEL and NoVo Foundation in the Metro Nashville School District.  In the grant contract it is clearly stated that TN uses Common Core and they will implement SEL standards into the Common Core standards. TN Commissioner of Education, Candace McQueen, repeatedly states that TN no longer has Common Core standards and our elected tell citizens the same thing but it is clear just by comparing the original TN CC standards and the new TN standards that they got a rebrand but they also have contracts with CASEL/NoVo Foundation that clearly state TN has CC standards and the SEL standards created in TN will be infiltrated into our academic standards (which are really skill sets not academic standards).



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