Technology has become a weapon used by corporations to produce mass subservience of workers/consumers to the interests of the billionaire class. Organizations, programs and initiatives must find alternatives to accepting philanthropic (bribes) funding which influence policy, values, and beliefs. Corporate money offers “solutions” to problems of poverty, food, health and education in exchange for access; access to private/personal biometric data which enables them to manipulate and “manage” people to serve outcomes toward their own interests.

Technology is replacing teachers, Classrooms and students are becoming pipelines of data collection for the profit of private corporate interests. As we saw with the news about Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, we know that “he who owns the data rules the world.” Through powerful lobbying tech companies are transforming education. Technology that gathers information from students are replacing person-to-person interaction with teachers and ending hands on learning. The personal data students are forced (unknowingly) to provide these companies, is a gold mine of private information about our children.

Our mission is to help parents, teachers, and students refuse ALL student data to corporations and tech industry “philanthropies.”  We want to end corporate control of students, schools, and communities. Classrooms, Not Computers advocates for actions to eliminate the mining, tracking, and surveillance of student data by government and corporate entities. In an increasingly technologically driven world, data is the new oil. Data leads to control, surveillance, and colonization of the public by private profiteering interests.
The outcomes (one personal, one more social/public) are 1. protect our individual children/students from corporate surveillance, and 2. dismantle corporate-led education policies that place public education into the hands of private corporate interests intended toward greater social surveillance and control.
Our two stages are: 1. awareness, and 2. building actions. Until there’s awareness we cant have effective mass action (need to build interest in taking action)