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Dear _____ ,

Please be advised that my child ____________ will not be taking any of the tests (iReady, FSA/etc.) and s/he knows that if s/he is asked to test, s/he is simply to go to the office and call me. I know that at times a child may be pulled out to test with some people at the school being unaware that the parents have refused the testing. I also wanted to be sure that my child’s data will not uploaded in other venues (such as Class Dojo, Caredox, Second Step, and so on) – in other words, any online program in which data is uploaded by the teacher, not the child during a project. The federal education bill (ESSA)hascreated a push for collection of more data, and that data will simply profit corporations, speed up the privatization of public schools, and further destroy the teaching profession. I believe teachers are professionals who have gone through extensive education and training in order to become a teacher.  Teachers  already know how to assess the progress of my child and I trust their judgment completely.

I have no problem with my child being on the computer to learn to type, research, create reports or projects, and to participate in activities like computer art, music, and other creative endeavors.  But s/he knows that if asked to do an online survey, online test, online curriculum, or similar online games, etc., that I have not been made aware of, s/he is simply to call me so I can approve or disapprove prior to his/her participation.

By no means do I wish to make anyone’s job more difficult at________.  I just simply want to be sure I know who has my child’s data, and I would prefer that you, his/her teacher and other teachers at__________, are the only people who are monitoring his/her progress and NOT corporate testing companies.  Preferably progress is monitored via actual school or classroom projects, teacher observations, and my child’s writing, reading, artwork, etc., completed in authentic learning experiences.  These are items that should be included in a year-long collection of his/her PORTFOLIO.

Thank you for your understanding. I have great respect for the teaching profession and public schools.  This is why I refuse to allow my child to be used to create corporate profits while further privatizing public schools.

I am requesting a list of any and all potential online programs that my child will be using during the school year, or any programs which the school uses to upload academic or social-emotional/behavior data. I also must receive a list of any accounts (such as a google account) my child is being asked to register for, prior to them registering within the class.

I reserve the right as his/her parent to opt out of any of these third-party programs created or delivered by companies who are not part of the county/school district. I expect that my child will be provided with reasonable non-computer alternatives of similar content to any online curricula and assessment we choose to refuse– such as a textbook or paper-made version of any task, assignment or assessment. My child should be evaluated on his/her ability to show his/her understanding of the content and performance. The delivery system by which the content is provided or assessed should have no bearing on his/her personal grades or opportunities to succeed.

May I again say that I will be happy to support the school’s developmentand participationin authentic assessments which can be used within the classroom instead of focusing on computer based assessments.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.




Always include your email address since you should keep “hard copies” of both sides of all correspondence. Also keep a running long digitally.

It’s best to send this letter the first day of each school year.  Ask for confirmation that they received the email.

You may modify this letter to ask formally for the teacher(s) to keep a portfolio of work which shows the progress of your child for the entire 180 days they attend school.

Check at least monthly to see what information has been included in the portfolio.

Keep your own portfolio of classwork which is either sent home or  request a photocopy. (And say you will pay for the copies.)