How Competency-based Education Connects to Corporate Colonization

chart created by Morna McDermott

Building a Movement, Community by Community

  Classrooms, Not Computers has found a new title for its campaign – Stop Corporate Surveillance in Schools: A Movement Supporting People-Powered Classrooms Without Corporate Data Mined Students. Our mission is the same – to build a community-based movement to dismantle the corporate-driven policies and practices in schools that lead to violations of student privacy, ...

Popular Resistance Classrooms Not Computers National Teach-in

Popular Resistance Classrooms Not Computers National Teach-in
Join us for a one-and-a-half hour in depth discussion about how education corporations are pushing computer-based learning on students and data mining while crowding out classroom-based instruction. Governmental and private interests are pushing for more technology driven solutions to the problems facing our public schools and our students, even though studies show online learning is ...