What You Can Do

EDUCATE to ACT. This campaign advocates a two-step beginning.


EDUCATE: This means we provide information to other teachers, parents and students everywhere and anywhere we can. They are our children, not data pipelines. And these are our classrooms, not portals of profit for the ed tech industry.



Use the letter campaign (link) to write and send your own letter to the organizations and persons in your school districts who can influence change. Write a LOT of letters. There is power in numbers. Read it aloud at meetings. Also begin setting precedents in your school community for refusing the technology (see sample letter of refusal here).  

* REFUSE TO USE. If we DENY them the data they are mining out of children.

Things to Refuse:

Naviance / Surveys

Grade 8-9 PSAT

Online Classroom Behavior Management Programs

Adaptive Learning Management Systems with Log-Ins

Google Apps for Education (Linked to Student ID #s)

Issues of student data privacy, security & screen time limits.

Digital education presents grave dangers for surveillance and profiling.

Tell your local politicians and decision-makes that your child is not a data pipeline


  1.   Interactive, hands-on instruction with and by human beings (teachers, peers, counselors, etc)
  2.   End to contracts with corporations that exchange curricular resources or materials in exchange for student data (NO student data collection by or for private corporations or their non-profit extensions).
  3.   Limited/fixed amount of time on and instructional applications of computer-based interactions during the school day
  4.   Elimination of corporate/private investments (and influence) in public education (including tech!)
  5.   Create an equitable alternative (of materials, instruction, or assessment) for parents and students who choose to refuse online instruction.

Remember! The problem is larger than the focus of this campaign alone (read more at datadisruptors.com and visit us at   :